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The Physical and Mental Benefits of Physical Exercise

We’re all facing challenges dealing with the increased isolation and inactivity caused by the Covid-19 lock-downs and safety measures. This is especially unfortunate because these very precautions might actually increase our risk of contracting the virus in some cases. One crucial safety measure against Covid-19 that is rarely discussed is our own immune system. This is our body’s first line of defense against any virus. Having a strong immune system can not only decrease our chance of contracting the virus but also increase our chances of fighting the virus off, resulting in less severe symptoms and quicker recovery time.

Strengthen Your Immune System with Martial Arts Training

How does this relate to SOCA BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU SAN DIEGO and martial arts for the whole family? Well, one way of strengthening your immune system is through physical exercise. The more sedentary and inactive your lifestyle is, the more your health (and as a result, your immune system) suffers. It’s especially important to keep your respiratory system strong and healthy when the primary threat is a respiratory illness. SOCA BJJ offers physical fitness (FIT CLASS) and martial arts classes (BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU AND MUAY THAI) for the whole family that are sure to keep your cardiovascular and respiratory systems strong.

Some ways physical exercise can potentially boost your immune system is by increasing the circulation of antibodies and white blood cells so your body can fight off illnesses earlier. Physical activity may also help flush bacteria out of your lungs and airways, which is very beneficial when combating respiratory infections.

However, not all the benefits of martial arts and exercise are physical; we need to also take our mental health into account. Physical exercise can slow down the release of stress hormones, which increase your chance of illness. Stress levels are probably very high right now for you and your family. Luckily, spending an hour in any of our martial arts classes is just the kind of stress relief your family needs. 

We’re taking every precaution to keep our facility safe and clean. We offer plenty of ways for you and your family to get physically fit while staying safe. So, come visit us today and give it a try. We can’t wait to see you! 

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